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What is a Diamond Cut alloy wheel?
The appearance of Diamond Cut alloys has a finish that is high in shine, resembling the finish of a DVD. The fine grooves are what give the DVD that high shiny finish and the tiny grooves have the same effect on an alloy wheel. 
This can attract you to the vehicle in a new car showroom with little effort as they look outstanding as they have an aesthetic look that can be hard to beat. They are the modern evolution of the traditional alloy wheel.
How are Diamond Cut alloys produced?
As part of the finishing process the alloys are machine lathe to cut a further edge into the alloy. This leaves the very faint grooved effect that gives rise to the high shine finish. This would be a machined alloy wheel repair, and obviously may cost significantly more than a standard painted alloy to refurbish.
Which manufacturers use Diamond Cut alloys?
It can always be assumed that 'prestige' manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW are the manufacturers that always use Diamond Cut alloys on their new cars. As the popularity of the appearance of these alloys increases so does the manufacturers turning to them as the normal and even more mainstream manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Nissan also feature Diamond Cut finished alloys in some of their vehicles.
Why are the Diamond Cut alloys different to repair?
Put simply the repair may require a lathe refinish and this can only happen a number of times as this can cause internal damage and cracking if done on the same wheel a number of times. Its for this reason that not all repairers will be able to attempt a repair to a Diamond Cut alloy wheel.
Diamond Cut wheels are the wheel to have on your car, make sure you look after them. AR Wheelcare have the right equipment to ensure that the alloy is returned to its original condition, and is safe to be used on the vehicle again. 
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