Reusing Car Wheels
If you have a favourite car wheel that you just don't want to loose and you just can't say goodbye why not try and upcycle it or them and bring them back to life.
It is a great and unique idea to reuse car wheels and all you really need is a pinch of creativity, maybe a few hours painting and not much money! 
Many of the projects that are shown on this page have been sourced from the internet can be used indoors or outdoors, everything from a DIY side table to an upcycled garden hose holder.
If you have teenage boys or men acting like teenage boys, maybe the best idea is to decorate their room by reusing car wheels in everything, how about a modern handmade chandelier... they will love the idea of a hanging car wheel from the ceiling. It is strange but also you can upcycle alloy wheels into a set of shelves or even and turn them into a classical bar table and barstools for your avant grade home.
It is not necessary to only repurpose old allow wheels because they are more expensive than the steel ones. If you are looking for a firewood tidy for your cosy fireplace use the cheaper steel wheels. 
You may even find an old Bentley branded wheel for the most expensive DIY coffee table but no matter what it is that you find enjoy your wheels even after their life as a road going wheel may have finished.
If you have a fun and quirky solution for you old car wheels please drop us an email with your photos..., we got some of our ideas from: